Myrtle Beach Gets New Beachfront Seating From National Metal Fabricators (NMF) and Doty & Sons

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Myrtle Beach Gets New Beachfront Seating From National Metal Fabricators (NMF) and Doty & Sons

Sheet metal fabrication company National Metal Fabricators (NMF), teams up with Doty & Sons Concrete, a decorative concrete structures company, to create new corrosion resistant seating along Myrtle Beach walkway.

12, August 2010 – ELK GROVE VILLAGE, ILL. –

National Metal Fabricators today announced recently that they have completed a multi-faceted and unique construction project with Doty & Sons Concrete, a provider of decorative concrete products. The two companies worked in conjunction to create the new seating along Myrtle Beach’s oceanfront walkway.

“After Doty & Sons landed the Myrtle Beach project they contacted us to supply the metal parts they required for the benches, said Tom Bonine, President of National Metal Fabricators. “They supplied the seating designs for which we supplied the mold patterns and skateboard prevention bars to produce the final product.”

NMF completed five different form patterns, and machined the unique “skate deterrent” bar for each of the 170 concrete benches. Each bar is made of corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel.

“We made the stainless steel bars that you see inserted in the middle of the benches,” said Bonine. “The preventative skateboarding bars were an innovative solution to a complex problem: how can you maintain the aesthetic beauty of a place as well as its architectural durability while preventing aggressive skateboarding and in-line skating.”

Concrete was chosen for the benches, as well as waste bins and other components of the recreation area, because it is salt water resistant, and does not corrode (like most iron and steel).

“One of the components of our value proposition is that we are able to work with our customers to assist in creating custom and often unique products and designs,” said Tom Bonine, President of National Metal Fabricators. “In this project Doty required a stabilizing, durable component that wouldn’t detract from structural beauty.”

National Metal Fabricators:
National Metal Fabricators ( is a leading provider of sheet metal fabricationservices to the construction and construction-related industries. They provide a wide variety of custom metal fabrication services, as well as laser cutting, shearing, punching, press brake forming, and welding assembly to meet a client’s exact requests.

Doty & Sons Concrete:
Doty & Sons ( is a provider of outdoor concrete furnishings that are designed for durability, comfort, and beauty and can be made to complement any designated area, both residential and commercial. They are privately owned and have been in business since 1948.