What in the world is a Hose Adapter Thingy?

May 5, 2017
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What in the world is a Hose Adapter Thingy?

Never heard of it? Neither had National Metal Fabricators, until early last year when we received an order for a small 8” angle ring from a Sandwich, IL company that combines specializing in both hydro excavating and sewer cleaning. In case you didn’t know, that’s those large village trucks we all see from time to time parked next to a manhole cleaning out the sewer. They cleanup other things too, but whatever they are working on, the one thing you don’t want to happen is the boom connection coming apart.

Mark Fisher, of Cam Vac Inc., found this out the hard way. When you are in the bottom of a 15’ tank, one opening, and your connection fails, it doesn’t fall up, it falls down. Lucky for Mark it missed him. But that near miss sent him to the back room of his shop to solve the problem. His design and our angle ring led to National Metal collaborating on product design enhancement and manufacturing the HAT.

Safety, durability and ease of attachment were key. Attachment used to be done with a lot of duct tape and time. With the HAT, try maybe ten seconds tops. With a custom designed latch that locks in the tile, it’s not going anywhere. Using 11ga steel material you may not be buying another for a number of years.

It took about a year to get there, but the patent pending HAT was formerly introduced to the marketplace with a new product introduction article in the December issue of Municipal Sewer & Water Magazine. I would be remiss if I didn’t include the sales pitch. Interested? Get on the web and go to www.nmfrings.com/hat.

Now that you now what the Hose Adapter Thingy is I am sure you are wondering where that name came from. So let you the reader decide via multiple choice. Choose which answer you think was the source of the name Hose Adapter Thingy.

A. Downtown Chicago advertising firm

B. Marketing research firm

C. Mark after a few beers with his hunting buddies

D. The bartender who served the beers

E. Mark’s wife

I for one am not telling. But if you really want to know go to our website listed above to find out.