Careers in Manufacturing Scholarship

USAAs a leading provider of welding and custom metal fabrication services, National Metal Fabricators is deeply invested in the manufacturing industry, and we are committed to its success. To support students breaking into this industry, we are offer a scholarship series that helps pay for classroom resources.

Details for this scholarship are listed below:

  • Amount. The Careers in Manufacturing Scholarship pays $100 per semester for a year to help students pay for textbooks or other class materials. Multiple scholarships are awarded at various schools.
  • Eligibility. Applicants must be full-time students enrolled in a trade school, welding school or a college program centered on professions in manufacturing.
  • Applying. Scholarship winners are determined by individual schools. Contact your school’s scholarship office for application materials.
  • Payment. Once a school selects recipients, National Metal Fabricators will send the student his or her check.