Custom Metal Fabrication

Custom Metal Fabrication

  • Laser cutting to ½” plate
  • 6’ x 12’ laser cutting table
  • 3/8” x 12’ shear

Custom Metal Fabrication Services

At National Metal Fabricators, we offer 50,000 square feet of production space where cutting edge custom metal fab technology and innovative machinery combine with 70 years of practical and know-how in custom metal fabrication. Our production core centers around our 2,000 watt Cincinnati Laser Cutting Center where we can cut carbon steel up to ½” thick, or aluminum up to 3/16” thick and stainless steel to ¼” thick. Our services include laser cutting, press brake forming, shearing, punching, robotic welding and assembly.

As one of the leading custom metal fabricators in the country, National Metal Fabricators produces components and products for a wide range of clients and industries. These include conveying, target ranges, locomotive, specialty machinery builders, agriculture, refrigeration, custom lighting, architectural, amusement parks and entertain centers, even parks and gardens. And that’s just a start! Our creativity and production capabilities have almost no limits.

No client is too big and no project is too small. When production calls for high volume we employ best practices from planning to completion, including unparalleled quality control and precision. Our customers turn to us to problem solve their most difficult challenges. We provide solutions and executive some the finest (some call it trickiest) cutting and fabrication projects imaginable. That’s where our combination of technology and experience comes in most handy.

It’s all possible because we staff our production for success with an experienced, highly trained team of custom metal fab workers who can produce everything from single unit prototypes to managing large production runs that require extensive planning, setup and and sustained machinery use and management.

The forms and shapes we’re called upon to create are quite diverse. We’ve done custom metal fabrication jobs on heat exchangers, hoppers, guards, custom light fixtures, frames, machine and conveyor components, architectural parts, construction-related parts, metal column covers and decorative metal forms.

Our services include Carbon Steel Fabrication in both simple and ornate forms, Stainless Steel Fabrication ranging from sturdy steel supports to decorative motifs and Aluminum Fabrication in its most common and unusual forms. We understand how to use and manage all strengths and types of metals. We can perform the custom metal fab services you need for industrial, retail, construction and more.

Our Metal Welding Assembly capabilities are another facet of custom metal fabrication that our customers truly appreciate. These labor-intensive tasks depend on our expert staff that knows how to plan and construct your project in an economical and cost-effective way. You’ll appreciate the ability of our team to complete intricate and detailed work on weldments of any size, working closely with our customers to deliver exactly what you need in terms of style and finish.

Contact National Metal Fabricators to plan your customer metal fabrication today.

Hot rolling refers to metal forming in which metal stock is passed through a pair of rolls with a heat level higher than the recrystallization temperature. The end result is a basic carbon steel sheet.

Hot Rolled Steel

When metal stock is passed through a pair of rolls with a heat level below the recrystallization temperature, the process is known as cold rolling. The result is a carbon steel sheet ready for an applied finishing, such as paint. Because of the absence of surface scale, however, the material is susceptible to rust.

Cold Rolled Steel

An option for preventing rust of a de-scaled carbon steel sheet is known as “pickling” the metal surface. During that treatment, impurities are removed via strong acids. Oil is then applied to protect the steel from rust.

Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled

A basic stainless material with a normal mill finish.

Stainless Steel T304-2B

A basic stainless material polished on one side. Sometiems called a brushed finish. Polished surface comes with a protective paper cover.

Stainless Steel T304-#4

A higher grade of stainless steel; it is more durable and can be used in environments with intense temperatures; suitable for food-grade applications.

Stainless Steel T316

Commonly Used Aluminum Alloys


Used for softer aluminum sheet stock; considered easier to form.



Used for architectural square root angles.