Stainless Steel Fabrication

Photo7Our capabilities in stainless steel fabrication are highly valued across a wide range of applications. From sturdy steel frames and heavy-duty machine components to intricately formed cutwork grills and decorative motifs. The many forms of stainless steel fabrication makes great use of our 2,000 watt, state-of-the art Cincinnati Laser Cutting Center. At the most basic level, we can cut stainless steel to 3/16” thick and our services include laser cutting, press brake forming, shearing, punching, robotic welding and assembly.

But the basic numbers and general descriptions of what we do at National Metal Fabricators only begins to describe the breadth of services we offer in custom stainless steel fabrication. Our computer-controlled laser-cutting center puts technology to concise use in work on all types and thickness of stainless steels up to 3/16” thick. If you can dream it, we can create it.

Our expert team can advise and plan your custom stainless steel fabrication job from start to perfected finish. Of course the strength and durability in harsh environments of stainless steel is one of its principle advantages as a material, and that’s why we consult with you thoroughly to ascertain your objectives and generate the desired results on your stainless steel project.

Our 350 ton X 12’ press brake and smaller supporting press brakes can turn your stainless steel part design into a true-formed reality. We handle all types of jobs ranging from small orders (even single items) to big production runs requiring a dedicated production schedule. With 50,000 square feet of production space, we can handle major jobs on budget and on time.

We’ve been working with customers in stainless steel fabrication since we founded our firm in 1944. That’s seven decades of experience in custom metal and stainless steel fabrication.  That history includes the progressive addition of many technologically sophisticated processes over the years to provide the most advanced metal fabrication services available. But we will never forget our roots with many years of services in the stainless steel and custom steel fabrication industry, because our history gives us vital insight and expertise in how to plan and deliver projects that meet and often exceed customer expectations.

At National Metal Fabricators, the only question we can’t answer about stainless steel or custom metal fabrication is the question we never hear. So call us today about your next project at 800.323.8849. You can also click here to view our gallery which demonstrates our breadth and depth of our capabilities and quality of work.

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